to capture, preserve, and celebrate

President Obama's Kansas Heritage

Our Mission

To capture, preserve, and celebrate President Obama's Kansas heritage, sense of family, and Midwestern values; to educate and inspire all children by using his ancestry as a model; and to share his family's local history with people across Kansas, the nation, and the world.

From the Flint Hills of Kansas to the White House, August 25, 2013

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the Obama Kansas Heritage project hosted an event at Garfield Elementary School in Augusta, Kansas to celebrate the memories by friends of Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, grandparents of President Barack Obama. Several of our oral history narrators were among the approximately 200 guests in attendance along with Garfield Elementary School students.

Event Speakers included:

  • Dr. John Black, Superintendant of Augusta Schools
  • Dr. Jacki Vietti, President Emeritus Butler Community College
  • Steve Cless, BCTV Station Manager
  • Jay Price, WSU Public History Professor
  • Dr. Sarah Johnston, Project Committee Chair

One of the event's highlights included the premiere of this documentary video which includes a presentation by second graders at Garfield Elementary, and clips from many of our oral history videos. We hope your enjoy the video. Visit the Oral Histories page to view full versions of the videos of our oral history narrators.

Length: 25:41


Project Description

The President Obama Kansas Heritage Project (2009-present) is the work of a group of citizens from the greater Butler County area. Recognizing our civic duty to preserve a Presidential heritage, and honoring the role of Midwestern values in the strength of a nation, the group's current efforts are focused on collecting oral histories and artifacts, developing educational tools, and providing a website in order to make these resources available to the larger community. We invite individuals and groups who share our common concern to participate. Read more about the Project's History and Acknowledgements